Vibration Therapy

Lose Weight, Strengthen Muscles, Detoxify and Increase Blood Flow
The Body Vibe is a revolutionary exercise machine that provides numerous health and fitness benefits through WHOLE BODY VIBRATION.
Compared to traditional exercise methods, vibration exercise is far more effective, efficient, and fun!
In just 10 minutes you can lose 1 pound! 
"Increased blood flow combined with mechanical cell vibration leads to improved distribution and bio-availability of vitamins, nutrients, herbs, minerals, and even homeopathies...Total body vibration causes the muscles, lymph, and cells in the body to contract and relax in a rhythmical fashion.  If the right antioxidants, herbs, and other nutrients are present in the blood prior to WHOLE BODY VIBRATION, a powerful super perfusion of the organs, glands, and tissues is the result.  Increased circulation and better lymph system drainage combine to give more rapid toxin removal resulting in more rapid healing and less detoxification side effects." ~ Dr. DeOrio
$10 per 10 minutes