PEMF Therapy

Recharge your body and health with PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field). Lay in the negatively/alkaline charged field and induce your bodies own natural healing ability! Increases nutrient exchange in EVERY cell! NASA astronauts use PEMF while they are in space to keep them Super-Healthy and ALIVE!

We use the Best PEMF equipment: Curatron 2000, imrs2000 and Quantron Resonance System.

Monthly PEMF memberships available!
$20 for 30 minute session
10-30min sesions $149
5-30min sessions $79

Better Oxygenation & Circulation
PH Booster increase charge in cells
Stronger Bones (FDA approved)
Pain Relief (great for nerve damage)
Energy Booster
Inflammation reducer
Clarity & Focus
Pre-work out energizer
Alkaline Booster
Relaxation & Stress reduction.
Improved Immunity
Better Sleep