Phountain Health

PHountain educates all on how to live a pro-active PHOUNTAIN lifestyle verses a re-active lifestyle (waiting to get sick mentality).
The owner lost many close family members due to disease, but through many years of research, has put together a 30 minute in store “PHountain lifestyle” demonstration that will teach you how to effectively Detoxify your body with PHountain's rapid release 4-step detox program. This program will teach you how to support your immune system with a micro-nutrient based diet, balance your body PH, reduce stress and repel EMF radiation. This is all simply done by making an appointment at one of our six locations on long island. To contact us, click here.
PHountain is also your “super-food” and “alkaline” supplement headquarters. All of our products are hand picked for their “all natural” organic qualities and effectiveness. We carry a full line of our own all natural PHACTOR products (Green PHactor, Fiber PHactor, Fruit PHactor) as well as many other plant and super-food based nutritional products. Our staff will inform you on the latest in “all natural” and “organic” products that we carry, visit us today! To view our store locations, click here.

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