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alkaline lifestyle demo

Alkaline Lifestyle Demo

Learn about the alkaline lifestyle from a Phountain expert. Discover the possibilities of healthier and preventative wellness. See a live demonstration of the differences between the water on Long Island, bottled water and Phountain's alkaline water. Hear about what others are saying about Phountain and sample our products.

free detox foot bath

Free Detox Foot Bath

Experience the IONIC DETOX FOOT BATH (one session FREE for new clients) at one of our SEVEN convenient locations after taking the Proactive Lifestyle Demo. This is your entry to the world of better understanding of great health and exploring the many amazing products and services available to you from Phountain.

personal phountain expert

Personal Phountain Expert

During your time using the Guest Pass, you will have access to your own personal Phountain team member. They are there to answer all your questions and concerns.

experience Phountain with Phriends

Experience Phountain with Friends

Enjoy this Phountain trial with friends. When we contact you about your appointment, just let us know how many people you'd like to bring with you to the demo and to try the services.
*Larger Parties are provided with complimentary snacks & drinks.