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Welcome to the PRO-ACTIVE PHOUNTAIN REVOLUTION!  PHountain is your central source for “super-foods” and “alkaline” supplements. Our all-natural ingredients are hand picked for organic standards to bring you the most popular and effective empowering products on the market today. We carry a full line of our own all natural PHACTOR products (Green PHactor, Super PHactor, Fiber PHactor and, Earth PHactor) as well as many other plant and super-food based nutritional products.
PHountain is your complete health center built on a model of nutrition awareness, education and research to deliver the most innovative detox and restorative solutions made affordable and accessible to everyone.  Prior to establishing the company, the founder lost many close family members to debilitating diseases which inspired the commitment to research and perfect the 30 minute in-store “PHountain lifestyle” demonstration.  This presents how to effectively detoxify the body with PHountain's rapid release 4-step detox program that explains how to:
- support the immune system with a micro-nutrient based diet
- balance your body PH for optimum detoxification & performance
- reduce debilitating physical stress and
- repel EMF radiation

For the past 30 years, the faults of a reactive lifestyle and a lack of education in basic nutrition has led to a global epidemic of being dangerously overweight, chemically unstable and physically unbalanced.  The PHountain mission forges to drive the message of positive living and assertive problem-solving - otherwise known as the PHOUNTAIN PRO-ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.  With all the proven health products, state-of-the-art restorative technologies and services plus the support of our highly trained and certified staff, PHountain's alkaline movement has brought so many true life examples of improved physical performance, better immune system and a complete "makeover" in the way they take care of their bodies and the way they live.

Find out how to join the Phountain Pro-Active Lifestyle today. Make an appointment at one of our seven convenient locations on Long Island. Our staff will inform you on the latest in all-natural and certified organic products that we carry, visit us today! To contact us, click here.


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If your busy lifestyle results in poor nutrition, a sedentary (non-active) existence and a serious lack of energy, GREEN PHACTOR™ was designed to empower the body's immune system with a complete and proven "DAILY DETOX" formula + the right source of energy for better health. Now available in SWEET BERRY or NATURAL BERRY, Green Phactor™ carries the most carefully selected ingredients and pursues top standards in raw & organic foods for detoxing and optimal performance. If you've tried other green supplements, Green Phactor™ was also created as the BEST TASTING greens - leaving everyone wanting more! Green Phactor™ supports a complete proactive lifestyle and is a major complement to better health and longevity. To order Green Phactor™ today, visit your nearest Phountain retailer or click HERE to order online.

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